Elvis – The Overton Park Shell Concert

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

Elvis – The Overton Park Shell Concert

On a hot summer night in 1954 Elvis took the stage at the Overton Park Shell. Headliner for that evening was Slim Whitman, a C&W performer who also yodeled.

The newspaper ads for the event misspelled Elvis’ name as Ellis Presley.

Elvis was very nervous that night. He most likely sang his just released single That’s Alright Mama backed by Blue Moon of Kentucky.

His nervousness caused him to move constantly throughout the first show. And all the while, the girls screamed an enthusiastic response.

After the show, Elvis asked Scotty Moore what had the girls so excited.

Moore replied, “It was your leg man. It was the way you were shakin’ your left leg.”

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