30+ Elvis Presley’s Funeral Songs Even Non-Fans Will Love 

by YvetteComment — Updated December 12, 2023

You wouldn’t be reading this article if you hadn’t already heard of the legendary Elvis Aaron Presley, right?

So, Presley, the undisputed King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, left an indelible mark on the world with his legendary music and charismatic persona.

Back in 1977, the music industry grieved this iconic figure, leaving behind a legacy that continues to captivate audiences today.

Long story short, Elvis Presley’s impact on the music industry can’t be overstated – trust me. His soul- stirring performances , genre-defying style, and magnetic stage presence endeared him to millions worldwide.

Back in the day, funeral service became a poignant moment to celebrate the life of this icon, and music served as a powerful conduit to convey the emotions of the occasion.

Here’s a fact about that sad day:

During the memorial, the ethereal notes of “Amazing Grace” echoed through the venue.

Oh, and I must say, even for those who may not consider themselves die-hard Elvis Presley fans, the beauty and universality of his songs can’t be denied.

In the upcoming sections, I will dig deeper into Elvis Presley’s Funeral Songs!

Performance of Elvis songs

Key Takeaway

  • Music is important during memorial services, providing comfort, celebrating the deceased’s life, and immortalizing their legacy. Carefully chosen songs were a crucial part of Elvis Presley’s legendary funeral.
  • Elvis had a deep connection to gospel music stemming from his religious upbringing. His ability to fuse gospel and rock demonstrated his artistic depth.
  • Over 30 classic Elvis songs are highlighted as poignant choices for funerals and memorials, spanning gospel hymns, romantic ballads, and rock anthems. His diverse catalog contained many funeral-appropriate options.
  • While it is impossible to know truly, the article suggests that Elvis may have appreciated modern funeral-worthy songs by artists like Clapton, Sinatra, Capaldi, and Sheeran for their emotional balladry. His preferences aligned with sincerity and depth.

The Importance of Funeral Songs in Remembering Icons

Elvis performing secular music.

In the sad yet celebratory atmosphere of memorial service, the significance of music exceeds mere entertainment – if I can even say that.

Basically, it becomes a poignant medium for expressing emotions, paying tribute, and immortalizing the legacy of icons such as our greatness, Elvis Presley.

As mentioned in the beginning, Elvis Presley’s funeral was no exception, as the carefully curated selection of songs played a crucial role in honoring the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Perhaps you have never paid attention, but on such tough days, music also plays a role in sending our loved ones from this world in the most beautiful way possible.

So, funeral songs have a unique ability to provide comfort during difficult times.

As attendees gathered to bid farewell to Elvis Presley, the soul-stirring strains of gospel music, including classics like “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art,” enveloped the venue, offering a comforting embrace to grieving hearts.

Basically, the power of these melodies lies in their ability to connect on a profound emotional level, providing a sense of solace that words alone often cannot convey, right?

Celebration of Life

The Elvis version of posters.

Far from being a melancholic experience, Elvis Presley’s funeral celebrated his extraordinary life in the best way possible.

So, each carefully chosen song became a musical brushstroke, painting a vivid picture of the joy, passion, and unparalleled talent that defined the King.

The gospel ballads “Peace in the Valley” and “Unchained Melody” served as anthems of remembrance, encapsulating the essence of Elvis’s multifaceted legacy.

Also, Elvis Presley’s funeral songs were not just a soundtrack to a moment in time; they became a part of his lasting legacy. And his legacy is certainly something that will exist even so much later, even in 2023.

The tunes selected, whether gospel classics or soulful ballads, continue to resonate with fans and non-fans alike, keeping the spirit of Elvis Presley alive through what we can say he loved most – the music itself.

Once again, in the case of Elvis Presley, the funeral songs served as something that strongly connected grief and celebration, allowing everyone, fans, and non-fans, to connect with the endless spirit of the King.

Choosing a gospel classic, a Christian hymn, or, in general, the right music is a great way to provide a funeral or memorial service where you can let some soul live in our little world in peace.

Elvis’s Own Funeral

The grave of Elvis Presley.

In the hallowed grounds of Graceland Mansion, the final chapter of Elvis Presley’s remarkable life unfolded in a memorial service that resonates through important music history.

The world witnessed an emotional goodbye attended by family members, close friends, and even renowned celebrities like Priscilla Presley and the legendary Frank Sinatra. I’m sure you’ve heard of these, too, legends themselves.

As mentioned, the famous Graceland Mansion, synonymous with Elvis’s life and career, became the location for his final journey. Also, Elvis’s funeral wasn’t merely a private thing; it was a star-studded event that drew stars from various parts of his life.

As mentioned, Priscilla, the woman who shared the highs and lows of Elvis’s life, stood among the grievers. Also, Sinatra’s presence highlighted Elvis Presley’s profound impact on the music industry.

So, Elvis, known for his vocal prowess and musical innovation, bid farewell with a carefully selected repertoire that mirrored the soul of the King.

You can say that the funeral service was not just a sad event; it was a symphony of emotions conducted by the very essence of Elvis’s music, a fitting tribute to a man whose voice had become synonymous with heartfelt expression.

A big Elvis fan or someone who wants to learn more about music history, I guarantee you’ll adore our precious lord and his music.

Another thing:

Elvis Presley’s funeral transcended the boundaries of a conventional farewell. You can say that the famous Elvis Presley funeral was a testament to the enduring power of his music, a legacy that continued to inspire even in his absence.

The gathered crowd – a mix of devoted fans and notable figures – shared in a collective moment of reflection, celebrating not just the man but the musical genius who forever changed the landscape of popular music.

30+ Funeral Service Songs

Popular songs by Elvis Presley.

Finally, I’ve created a list of 30 perfect funeral or memorial service songs to create sweet memories even on these heartful days.

Even if you are not a big Elvis fan, you can find a perfect funeral song, gospel track, or religious and romantic love song in this list.

1. Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace – A timeless gospel hymn about redemption and grace.

The ageless sounds of “Amazing Grace” become the best consolation as they resonate, providing redemption and hope in the face of sorrow.

Elvis’ voice, infused with deep depth, elevates this song as a source of consolation during difficult times.

2. Peace in the Valley

This is a serene gospel song, promising peace in the afterlife. Its calming message resonates with themes of eternal rest.

Also, “Peace in the Valley,” a calm gospel song, creates an image of tranquility and promises of eternal peace. Its soothing message resonates with ideas of seeking peace beyond the transitory, making it a musical for broken hearts.

3. How Great Thou Art

A strong declaration of awe at the divine takes on new meaning during funeral rituals.

Elvis’s vocal talent lifts this hymn, transforming it into a source of consolation and thought for mourners.

My favorite one is this because Elvis’s voice elevates the song, providing solace and reflection.

4. If I Can Dream

If I Can Dream” is a song of optimism. It provides a moving soundtrack for memorials and funerals.

Also, its message of hope and solidarity serves as a reminder of the optimism that endures even in the face of loss.

5. Can’t Help Falling in Love

Elvis portrays the spirit of unconditional love in “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” a so-called sweet song. This timeless song elicits a connection by softly conveying the emotions and memories shared with lost loved ones.

6. Memories

This becomes a musical conduit for melancholy as a poignant reflection on the past. It brilliantly emphasizes the richness of moments shared with individuals who are no longer there at times of grieving.

7. In the Ghetto

So, addressing life’s struggles, “In the Ghetto” provides an opportunity for reflection on societal challenges and personal hardships – we all have them. This song conveys peace in the valley as we know our loved ones no longer have to suffer.

8. You’ll Never Walk Alone

Ah, this lovely song is a message of companionship and support.

You’ll Never Walk Alone” ensures loved ones are not alone, even in passing and going to another world. This timeless song is a classic that serves as a musical embrace during difficult times.

9. Mama Liked the Roses

Our mothers – our special ones.

A tender tribute to Elvis’s mother, “Mama Liked the Roses” touches on memories and the enduring love for those who’ve passed before us.

This one also creates an intimate, personal connection during funeral services.

10. Bridge Over Troubled Water

A promise of support and strength, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” provides comfort, reminding mourners of enduring bonds that transcend physical presence.

This one is so deep because that bridge is just a fictional part of our imagination to keep us connected with those who went to the other side.

11. My Way

This reflects on a life our loved ones lived fully. It resonates with themes of independence, strength, and personal experiences. During memorials, it becomes an anthem of self-expression and joy.

12. Crying in the Chapel

A song of faith and solace in prayer, “Crying in the Chapel” offers a message of hope and spiritual connection.

That melody, smooth and lovely, becomes a musical prayer for peace.

13. He Touched Me

This is a gospel song about redemption and divine intervention.

He Touched Me” adds a spiritual dimension to the grieving process. It becomes a source of comfort for those seeking comfort in their faith.

14. Take My Hand, Precious Lord

A prayerful plea for guidance, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord,” is comforting for those seeking divine support during trying times. Its heartfelt lyrics resonate with a sense of surrender and trust.

15. Love Me Tender

This one is a soft ballad about deep affection.

Love Me Tender,” with its gentle melody and lyrics, becomes a touching choice for remembrance. It encapsulates the tenderness of shared moments.

16. Always on My Mind

A song of regret and eternal love, “Always on My Mind” reflects on cherished memories and missed opportunities with loved ones. It becomes a heartfelt expression of enduring connection.

17. Kentucky Rain

A song of searching and yearning, “Kentucky Rain” mirrors the emotions of hope and remembrance during funerals. It captures the essence of seeking closure during grief.

18. Danny Boy

Danny Boy,” with its haunting melody and themes of love and longing, is a classic choice for goodbyes.

Its poetic lyrics resonate with mourners, weaving a narrative of cherished memories and the bittersweet beauty of parting.

So, Danny Boy, a classic ballad of parting with themes of love and longing, makes it one of the people’s favorite Presley funeral songs.

19. Where No One Stands Alone

This gospel tune becomes a comforting embrace for those guiding the pain of loss. Assuring mourners of divine companionship, it becomes a beacon of hope, promising that even in the darkest moments, one is never truly alone.

20. Unchained Melody

So, Elvis’s rendition of “Unchained Melody” transcends eras, embodying the universal theme of longing and enduring love. Its timeless message resonates with those who find solace in the memory of a departed soul.

21. There’s Always Me

In the flow of life, this song becomes a reminder that, even in passing, love and memories endure. “There’s Always Me” becomes a poignant reassurance for mourners that the essence of a loved one lives on in cherished moments.

22. Mary in the Morning

As sunlight breaks and shadows fade, “Mary in the Morning” reminds gently of the beauty of shared experiences. Its lyrics paint a picture of cherished moments, offering solace to those grappling with loss.

23. Let It Be Me

Let It Be Me” underscores the depth of bonds and memories shared with the ones who left. With its heartfelt plea of devotion, it becomes a poignant soundtrack for those facing the intricate emotions of saying goodbye.

24. I Believe

In the face of grief, “I Believe” stands as a reaffirmation of faith. Its comforting message reminds mourners of a higher power and the promise of an afterlife, providing solace in profound sorrow.

25. An Evening Prayer

In the quiet moments of reflection, “An Evening Prayer” becomes a soothing melody, offering mourners a chance to seek forgiveness and mercy. On, and its lyrics provide a sacred space for introspection and spiritual connection.

26. Without Him

Without Him” becomes a poignant gospel number one for those seeking solace in their faith. Its lyrics guide you through the complexities of life without divine guidance, offering a musical refuge for the grieving soul.

27. Softly, As I Leave You

As goodbyes are said, “Softly, As I Leave You,” with its delicate melody and poignant lyrics, becomes a fitting choice for final farewells. It encapsulates the tender emotions of parting with grace.

28. If That Isn’t Love

This gospel song speaks of divine love, providing comfort in the idea of eternal affection and grace. In moments of mourning, “If That Isn’t Love” becomes a source of solace and spiritual reassurance.

29. A World of Our Own

A World of Our Own” offers a musical sanctuary in the quest for relief. Its lyrics paint a picture of a personal utopia, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to the hearts of mourners.

So, you can say it’s a ballad about a personal utopia, offering mourners solace in the idea of a peaceful afterlife.

30. You Gave Me a Mountain

Facing the mountains of life, “You Gave Me a Mountain” becomes a poignant tribute to strength and resilience. This is a song about overcoming hardships. It’s a tribute to strength and resilience in life and death.

Elvis’s Deep Connection to Gospel Music

Elvis Presley's death.

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll didn’t just revolutionize the music scene; he etched his legacy in the soul-stirring realms of gospel music.

Exploring Elvis’s connection to the gospel reveals a narrative steeped in passion, spirituality, and a harmonious blend of genres – let’s start our journey!

You can say that Elvis’s journey into gospel music was not a mere stylistic choice but an immersive experience that began in his formative years.

His upbringing in a Pentecostal church laid the foundation for a profound connection with the gospel.

So, the rhythms of the church choir, the fervent prayers, and the soulful hymns became the soundtrack to his early years, shaping his musical sensibilities. Elvis’s musical journey was a mix of genres, a groundbreaking alchemy that brought rock and gospel into a mesmerizing confluence.

And you all thought that was not even possible.

His foray into rock and roll didn’t mean abandoning his gospel roots.

On the contrary, instead, he seamlessly integrated the spiritual fervor into the energetic beats of rock.

The result was a unique sound that resonated with diverse audiences, transcending the boundaries of secular and sacred. Another thing I must mention is that behind every musical luminary, there’s often an unsung founder of inspiration.

In Elvis’s case, that inspirational person was his mother, Gladys Presley. Her influence on his religious orientation and love for gospel music was a key to his success. The hymns she sang at home and the spiritual ambiance she cultivated significantly shaped Elvis’s reverence for gospel melodies.

His gospel albums, including the critically acclaimed “How Great Thou Art,” garnered recognition within the rock genre and in the gospel music realm.

Elvis Presley, the rock star, became synonymous with Elvis, the gospel icon.

Even for those unfamiliar with his religious background, these mentioned Elvis Presley funeral songs become a poignant reminder of the King’s multifaceted musical legacy.

Also, his ability to seamlessly integrate the holy with the secular speaks volumes about the depth of his artistry.

Songs for an Elvis-Themed Memorial

An Elvis Presley performance.

This selection transcends eras and genres, paying honor to Presley’s diverse musical journey – from the heart-stirring echoes of gospel to the rebellious beats of rock.

Now, here’s a curated list of songs that not only reflect his varied taste but also resonate with emotional depth, uplifting messages, and the enduring spirit of Elvis.

“How Great Thou Art”: A Gospel Classic Revered by Elvis

To honor the gospel roots that anchored Elvis’s musical soul, “How Great Thou Art” takes center stage, right?


Well, each note echoing a profound reverence, this timeless hymn resonates deeply, encapsulating the spiritual journey that Elvis embraced throughout his life.

“Jailhouse Rock”: Reviving the Energetic Spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Elvis’s love for rock ‘n’ roll cannot be overlooked, and “Jailhouse Rock” represents his energetic and rebellious side.

Including this iconic track adds a dynamic flair to the memorial, capturing the essence of the King’s musical rebellion.

“Cry Daddy”: Navigating the Depths of Loss

As we delve into Elvis’s emotional repertoire, “Cry Daddy” adds depth to the memorial. This exploration of loss and grief, wrapped in haunting melodies, provides a good perspective on emotions, making it a resonant choice for remembrance.

“Love Me Tender”: A Timeless Ballad of Affection

Completing our curated selection, “Love Me Tender” encapsulates the essence of romantic love. Beyond its balladry, it becomes a vessel for expressing the tender emotions that often accompany memories of those departed.

Modern Songs Elvis Would Have Loved

Elvis Presley poster.

Now, we must talk about Elvis’s taste in modern times: From Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

“Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton: A Modern Ballad

Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” stands out in the world of ballads. Imagining Elvis captivated by this modern classic’s emotional depth and sincerity is not a stretch.

The soulful composition and heartfelt lyrics would undoubtedly strike a chord with the King, aligning seamlessly with his penchant for songs that convey profound emotions.

“My Way” by Frank Sinatra: A Contemporary Classic with Sinatra’s Swagger

If Elvis Presley was with us today, he might find a spirit in Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.

The modern rendition of this timeless classic captures the essence of Sinatra’s music, resonating with the same independence and individuality that defined Elvis’s own musical journey.

Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi: A Contemporary Ballad of Lost Love

In exploring modern ballads, Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved” appears as a potential favorite for Elvis, right? Its haunting melody and lovely lyrics echo themes of lost love and heartache, elements that resonate with Elvis’s exploration of romance and emotional depth.

“Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

In contemporary duets, “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper would capture Elvis’s attention. The passionate delivery and yearning conveyed in this modern classic align with the emotional depth and connection that Elvis brought to his own collaborations.

Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran: A Modern Serenade

Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” resonates with themes of everlasting love, a sentiment that Elvis often explored in his ballads – as we mentioned in our list of 30+ Elvis funeral songs.

Final Comments

On a journey through Elvis Presley’s funeral songs, you have found yourselves immersed in the enduring impact of his musical legacy on the solemnity of goodbyes.

As you reflect on the diverse selection, from the soul-stirring ballads like “My Way” to the rhythmic energy of “Jailhouse Rock,” it becomes evident that Elvis Presley’s impact extends far beyond the stereotypical image of a rock star.

His songs, carefully chosen for their ability to convey emotions, evoke nostalgia, and celebrate the resilience of the human spirit, have found a place in the hearts of many.

So, even if you’re not a big Elvis fan, you may find solace and connection in the timeless melodies he left behind.

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