Irish Coffee

by Candace RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

Irish Coffee was conceived by bartender Joe Sheridan at Shannon Airport. Patrons would approach the small bar shivering and ask for a heart warmer. The blend of Irish Whiskey, piping hot coffee topped with cool cream was just the trick.

In 1953 Stanton Delaplane, an international travel writer, discovered this treat and brought it home to bartender Jack Koeppler at the Buena Vista. Here they attempted to recreate the magnificent drink without success. The cool cream float kept sinking. Koeppler visited the Shannon Airport to learn from the drink’s creator, and the rest is history.

Buena Vista Classic Irish Coffee
In an Irish Coffee glass:
¤ Preheat glass by pouring in boiling water
¤ Dump water after 30 seconds
¤ Drop in two sugar cubes
¤ Pour coffee until it is about one inch from the top of the glass (about 10 ounces)
¤ Pour 1 * ounces of Irish Whisky (Buena Vista uses their own brand)
¤ Stir to dissolve sugar
¤ Top each drink with whipped cream by pouring over back of a spoon.

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